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Award Judging Criteria

Graphics/Layout (0-25 pts) 

• Presentation aids clearly enhance the presentation with a professional feel                               

• Appropriate number of visuals included                                                                                      

• Visuals are clear with appropriate level of detail                                                                         


Delivery/Organization (0-25 pts)

• Ideas progress from thesis to background to evidence and discussion                                        

• Transitions between ideas are present                                                                                          

• The presentation has been practiced to remove distracting phrases                                            

• The presenter has a professional, enthusiastic demeanor                                                            


Content (0-25 pts)

• Central idea is clearly stated and audience does not have to infer                                               

• Project’s importance is clearly stated and placed within the broader context of discipline        

• Conclusion is clearly stated with supporting evidence                                                                

• Appropriate depth of discussion and ideas are fleshed out                                                          

• Used appropriate vocabulary and defined technical terms                                                          


Handling of Questions (0-25pts)

• Answered questions with confidence                                                                                           

• Provided accurate, understandable answers

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