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Community Service





Jo Actkinson, Loren K. Ammerman,

Amy Baird, Robert Baker (deceased), Rollin Baker (deceased), John Bickham, Lisa Bradley, Robert Bradley, Joel Brant
Guy Cameron, Darin Carroll, Brian Chapman,
Ron Chesser, Scott Chirhart, Arthur G. Cleveland

Michael Dixon, Robert C. Dowler
Cathy Early, Carla Ebeling

Herschel Garner, Jim Goetze, Ira Greenbaum
Meredith Hamilton, John Hanson, Michelle Haynie,
Steve Hoofer, Mandy Husak, Michael Husak

Clyde Jones (deceased)
Steven Kasper
Tom Lee, Jessica Light
Robert Martin, Ann Maxwell, Terry Maxwell (deceased),
Kevin McKinney, Stephen McReynolds, Anne Merchant,

Chris Montag

Jim Patton, Clint Perkins, Russell Pfau, Caleb Phillips, Carl Phillips

Brenda Rodgers, Duke Rogers, Kent Rylander

David J. Schmidly, Stephanie Shelton, Steve Smith, Phil Sudman
Mike Tewes
Ron Van Den Bussche
Christopher Walker, Kenneth T. Wilkins, Don Wilson, Bernd Wursig
Earl Zimmerman

Members are encouraged to consider becoming Patrons of the Society by donating $100 (or more). All donations go to support the Society’s student awards fund. Regular Patron membership is achieved with a donation of $100. Members who exceed $100 in donations to the Society’s student awards fund will receive a certificate recognizing their total donation level as follows: $125, Ocelot Level; $250, Bobcat Level; $500, Puma Level; $1000, Jaguar Level. Members can upgrade at any time, and all donations are cumulative. There is no time limit or minimum contribution requirement as a member works toward the next level. Donation levels are confidential.

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